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I Know You Are There, Lord

In verse 8 of Psalm 139, we read, “If I ascend to the heavens, you are there; if I lie down in Sheol, there you are.” We cannot escape from God’s presence.
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People holding hands during sunset while riding bikes

Lavish Generosity

God never ceases to be generous with us, even when we do not pay attention or miss things.
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Outcomes and Expectations

When we do not surrender, it is easy for our identities to become attached to our own perceived ideals of how we think our lives should unfold.
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One Small Thing

There are so many challenges in our lives and world today that it can often seem overwhelming and cause us to get stuck in despair. But we must move forward and do something, no matter how small.
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Patience and Grace

Advent is a time to wait in hope for the birth of Jesus. It requires patience on our part—and therein lies the struggle for many.
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Grace in a Time of Quarantine

Jesus, you spent a long time in the desert and long nights in prayer. Help me find the grace that hides in this challenging era.
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Opening the Gift

When we pray and seek out God, we are often led right to what’s already here in our lives.
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