Pause + Pray

Like a Child


Children so often simply want to spend time with their parent or guardian, following them as they go about their day. They don’t need another child-centered activity, or to be constantly entertained and distractedthey want to feel connection. The same goes for our relationship with Godso often we go from one spiritual activity to the next, wondering why we feel so disconnected from him. Maybe instead of another activity, our souls crave a quiet moment with the Lord.


God, you are always with us, but we so often forget.
Bring our attention back to you,
so that we never forget your constant presence.

May we be mindful so that we can be prayerful.
Gently guide our thoughts to the sacred spaces,
the places of spiritual illumination,
o that we can meet you and praise you in the present.
Let our guilt about the past and anxiety about the future slip away
as we center ourselves in the now
that eternal access point to the holy.


Spend time this week in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

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