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Stay Awake


When it comes to imitating Christ, intentionality and presence matter. None of us want to go through the motions of life as if we are sleepwalking through our duties. As we grow more awake to the injustices plaguing our neighbors, we may be tempted to become numb or disengaged. In the Blessed Sacrament, however, Christ models for us how to be fully present.


Holy One, you are always fully present to us
never tired from holding our suffering and sorrows.
I know I am called to imitate you,
so I pray that you will help me stay awake to the cries of the poor
and the cries of the earth.

Provide for me the strength and energy to respond
with courage and compassion, 
without growing weary or burning out.


Spend a moment recalling how physical fatigue is felt in your body. Talk with Christ about any drowsiness you feel in your heart, and let Christ show you how to stay awake.

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