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Lift Him Up

Wooden cross with rope


Today, reflect on the Fifth Station of the Cross: how Jesus became human, how he needed our help.


God, help me be like the toddler I saw
in Mass today, pointing up to the figures 
of Jesus on his knees under the cross,
and Simon’s arms above, embracing him,
trying to help.
She called out, “Pick him up!”
Yes, we can all come to the aid 
of those in our lives who are weary 
and falling down.
Guide us to be like this child,
seeing the essential truth of each part
of your Way of the Cross,
being like Simon, knowing when to lift another,
to love them.


Find an image of the Fifth Station of the Cross. How did the artist capture this part of the Passion story? What do you see?


1 thought on “Lift Him Up”

  1. Mine was taken from mother Angelica’s the way of the cross it shows two Romans on horses with Spears ordering Simon too help Jesus and Simon gets behind Jesus and helps him with the cross

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