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The Cycle Repeats

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Scientists who study the brain know that the practice of compassion gives us “feel good” chemicals. MRI scanners show that compassionate mindset and action fill the neural networks with happiness and optimism.  Thus, the cycle continues and success leads to more compassion.


Stand within the gaze of Jesus
as he looks steadily at the young man with love,
probably even after he walked away sad. (Mark 10:21 )
Feel that love warming and filling you,
strengthening your own efforts at compassion.


Sometimes the most compassionate thing we can do is leave an impossible situation. If you can honestly say, “I did the best I could; this isn’t my fault,” then give yourself a compassionate break.


1 thought on “The Cycle Repeats”

  1. Yeah, sometimes people are too focused on other people’s problems rather than their own. “We all have problems and if you don’t have one, then you better find one,” as my dad once said to me, “because we all have problems.”

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