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I am once again trying to wrap my head around the news of another school shooting. In the blink of an eye, another six people are gone, three of them children. As a mom, these constant shootings terrify me. Those could be my kids. I don’t think anyone wants this to continue happening, but yet it does. And I wonder, why can we not find some common ground and make this stop?


Dear God,
I’m scared and angry.
They were too young to join you just yet.
The others should still be here too.
And yet,
we fail to find the courage
to join together
and find a way to make it stop.
Surely, there is a way.
Lord, give us the faith to put
our differences aside
and work with others
to discover what that way is.


Write lawmakers and encourage them to work together to find a reasonable solution to address these situations.

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4 thoughts on “In Search of Answers”

  1. I think it is going to require a change of heart in many people to do what lawmakers are unable and unqualified to do. Laws are made with loop holes, hearts are changed without loop holes-we need to take the 10 Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount and the Sermon on the Plain to heart so that our hearts will be challenged to following the way of Jesus the Christ. Peace and All Good to All.

  2. Stephen Browning

    Our Country is broken: 50% divorce rate.
    We must first fix ourselves through prayer and repentance to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. Maria D miller (Maria Dolores Miller) Dolores means sorrows

    Our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified for a undeserving society, our hearts are full of ambition hate jealousy and filthiness, my spring cleaning in Lent always leaves terrible residues that slowly kills and separates us from God. Our country blames this or that, government blames guns when really should invest in mental hateful illness. In loneliness and disparity, in calming our hearts with positivity instead of video games that promotes violence. This is a great message just to see my inner heart. May God’s Grace bless us with better days, today we celebrate
    Our Lady of sorrows day. In Christ Jesus.

  4. Anthony Sejda OFM

    celebrate the brokness of your and my life. Based on the Twelve steps of Alcohol Anonymous “we are powerless and our life is unmanageable”. We invite a Power greater than Our self to help who we call God”.

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