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Spiritual Decluttering

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Many of us have too many possessions and too full a schedule. We need to eliminate unnecessary cumber, so that we are not possessed by our possessions. We need to prune our schedules so we have more time for rest and reflection. Spiritual decluttering frees our calendars and spirits so that we will have the time and energy to nurture our own talents and the gifts of others.


Help me, God of peace and prosperity,
To focus on what is truly important,
Eliminating the unnecessary and encumbering. 
Help me declutter my mind and spirit,
So that I will have room to experience your presence in my life
And in the lives of my companions.


If you have not done so already, take time to make an inventory of your possessions and attitudes toward them. Upon reflection, you may want to begin to give away what clutters your home, office, and life. We can choose to share our largesse with others to support their well-being. Take time to examine your weekly commitments, based on what is truly important, what gives you joy, and what adds to the beauty of the earth and the joy of others.

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  1. Lord Jesus Christ, be the King and Ruler of our hearts, minds, lives, and home. May our lives reflect your meekness and humility that you may be honored as the King of glory! Amen.

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