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Ceremony of Repentance

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Most cultures have a religious or spiritual ceremony for repenting or self-cleansing. Native Hawaiians, for example, recognize their faults, come to terms with needing to change, and go into the sea to cleanse their bodies, as well as their souls. In Jewish culture, there is ritual cleansing (mikvah) with water that signifies beginning again. For Christians, Baptism and holy water are vital parts of their repentance and rituals.


Holy Father,
The ceremony of being washed clean has been passed down
from generation to generation all over the world.
You share in the gift of Baptism with us,
But you didn’t stop there.
You give us the gift of eternal life through 
washing us clean with your son’s sacrifice on the cross.


What are you in need of letting go? Picture Jesus wiping you clean to begin this season afresh.


1 thought on “Ceremony of Repentance”

  1. My life starting in Hindu religion worshipping suicidal gods was on the brink of destruction during teenage. So I searched in different religions to save myself. At last at 20 I accepted RCC and started towards life. Jesus and Maddona guided me through the treacherous path. Now at 84 I find that I’m a eternal pilgrimage to life surpassing this life. Now I’ve realised God as the life-principle spiritual love, which is beyond counting and measuring. But, the unity of those, who had progressed in love, is so strongly united in love-bond, that we think that as ONE God. He helps juniors striving to enter this unity. Still a few among them is continuously falling from that God-unity as disidents. They’re called devil, the fickle unity of rebels. Some of them us has been sent to this world for reformation. Though only a few repent in this penitentiary earth, I consider myself as one of them.

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