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A New Friend’s Example

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Epaphroditus is one of those biblical Christians from Philippi who seemed to be full of joy and brought cheer to St. Paul. Actually, the words joy and rejoice(s) appear 15 times in this short letter! Epaphroditus brought joy by bringing Paul a gift from the Christian community of Philippi—likely something to help him endure his imprisonment at the time. He brought this great evangelist hope, relief . . . and joy!


Epaphroditus, please pray that I too, may keep a holy joy in my heart
and that I too, may be generous to those in difficult situations.


Reading Epaphroditus’ short narrative in Philippians 2:25–30. Imagine yourself in a prison cell with Epaphroditus and Paul. Ask each of them whatever questions you have of them. Ask Epaphroditus again to pray for you to have joy in your heart.

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