Minute Meditations

Death Is Not an Ending

mother watching over her child while standing at a peer at the ocean.

Our faith has a way of answering questions and helping us understand that their deaths and those of all our loved ones are not signs of an ending, but rather a new beginning for them. The separation is only physical, though that initially is very painful. Spiritually, we are never separated from them. That’s because the God we believe in and who revealed to us the truth about life, death and life eternal never separates people who love one another. God is love. Why would he separate loving people?

They are closer than ever. We can’t see them, but they can see us. They can hear us and they still watch over us; that’s what mothers do! And our faith reminds us that there is a reunion waiting for us when we have completed our journey on earth. What a reunion that will be!

—from St. Anthony Messenger‘s “Notes from a Friar: A Mother’s Love
by Jim Van Vurst, OFM

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