Sensing God: Learning to Meditate

28-Day Email Experience

Embark on a transformative journey with Franciscan Media as we launch a 28-day meditation series, “Sensing God: Learning to Meditate.” Led by Laurence Freeman, OSB, this immersive experience invites you to deepen your meditation practice and explore the realms of introspection, compassion, and prayer. 

Each day, you’ll receive thought-provoking reflections, engaging videos, and soothing audio resources delivered straight to your inbox.

While a suggested payment of $25 helps sustain our mission of spreading the teachings of St. Francis worldwide, we welcome any amount you may give. Your generosity offers valuable resources, like this, to individuals seeking spiritual growth. 

The Franciscans have truly enriched my prayer life. Saint of the Day, Pause+Pray, Minute Meditations have really helped me spiritually and has nurtured my love for Jesus. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into these writings. – Donor

I am very blessed and feel even more blessed because I am able to give to the Franciscans. All of us in the Church need to help spread a bit of positivity, and I know of only a few organizations as well equipped as Franciscan Media to do that. – Wayne B.

The Franciscan Media community believes that finances should not be a barrier to participation. Thanks to our generous community, resources are available to subsidize participants who are unable to financially contribute at this time. To request assistance or donate, please email Christopher Meyer at or go to: