Seven Days with the Psalms

Spend Seven Days with the Psalms

These days, many of us are dealing with stress and angst over the world’s problems and our own personal struggles. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn for solace and answers. Author Maureen O’Brien knows that struggle all too well.

In this seven-day blog and video series, O’Brien, author of What Was Lost: Seeking Refuge in the Psalms, opens up this often overlooked part of the Bible, which she used to help weather the storm of life’s challenges. She reminds us that, for centuries, people have turned to the psalms for solace. The wide range of situations and themes the psalms speak to can help everyone deal with challenging experiences in their own lives.

Spend Seven Days with the Psalms Day 1

Pennies from Heaven

Grace can take many shapes: a kind word, a beautiful day, or a penny on the ground. Author Maureen O’Brien reminds us not to keep our eyes closed to these moments of beauty. Read pennies from Heaven.

Spend Seven Days with the Psalms Day 2

Heaven on Earth

How do we cultivate peace when there’s so much aggression in the world? As the psalmists tell us, peace is God’s reward—and it should begin with us. Read Heaven on earth.

Spend Seven Days with the Psalms Day 3

Love Unfailing

When we are at our lowest, we can feel alone and unreachable. But it is in those moments when God is with us, as Maureen O’Brien explains. Read love unfailing.
Spend Seven Days with the Psalms Day 4

What Remains

The beauty of being human is to turn to our spiritual ancestors, to cherish what they left behind, what remains. What has lasted? What has endured? Read what remains.

Spend Seven Days with the Psalms Day 5

The Place Where the Light Enters You

Who among us hasn’t felt wounded? Who hasn’t experienced pain in body, mind, or spirit? Maureen O’Brien reminds us that no wound is beyond God’s ability to heal. Read the place where light enters you.
Spend Seven Days with the Psalms Day 6

Crosses on the Highway

When life becomes complicated, Maureen O’Brien finds solace in Psalm 119:45: “For all time and forever, I will walk freely in an open space, because I cherish your precepts.” Read crosses on the highway.
Spend Seven Days with the Psalms Day 7

When the Branches Catch It All

Life moves so fast that sometimes we fail to stop and look around. If we did take the time to do that, we’d see the little miracles that God sends our way. Read when the branches catch it all.