Novena to St. Anthony of Padua

Day One: Embrace the Light of Christ

Saint Anthony urges us to allow some light into our house, into our room. He’s talking poetically here, of course. The “house” is our heart, the most personal part of who we are. The “light” is God’s love, God’s presence. Read more about day one.

Day Two: Love Wholly and Not Partially

It’s not easy to make that whole-hearted gift of self to God. Our ego constantly clings to ideas, wishes, opinions, needs—all of which reinforce our firm hold on that part of our self which we are loathe to surrender. Read more about day two.

Day Three: Be Careful of Greed

Possessions are not usually evil in themselves; rather it’s a matter of focus. When our attention is fixed on things we possess, we’re easily distracted. We forget about others and their needs. Read more about day three.


Day Four: Seek the Face of God before All Else

Turning our thoughts from the tragic sufferings of this time, we might want to reflect on how being shut in, separated from the ordinary routines of life beyond our four walls, has tended to challenge us. Read more about day four.

Day Five: See Christ in Those Who Suffer

Each of us has something we can offer to Christ’s suffering poor: in ways great and small. For those on the front lines of the pandemic, there is great sacrifice. Read more about day five.

Day Six: Let God’s Light Shine Through You

Our social distancing offers us a challenge to experience what Saint Anthony describes as “the light of God’s grace” shining from others. Read more about day six.

Day Seven: See the Depth of Christ’s Love

In the “virtual community” created in this novena, we’ve been praying for our loved ones who are sick, for caregivers, and for those who are grieving losses. Read more about day seven.

Day Eight: Stay United with Your Healer

Saint Anthony’s words today call us back to a truth of our faith: “No one is closer to us than he who healed our wounds. For the Head is one with his members.” He is speaking here, of course, of Christ. Read more about day eight.

Day Nine: May Christ Deepen Our Love

Saint Anthony’s words from eight centuries ago hit close to home in these days when so many of us are physically distanced from one another. Read more about day nine.

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