Surrounded by Love

Join Father Murray Bodo, OFM on a 9-day virtual retreat

Join Father Murray Bodo, OFM on a 9-day virtual retreat about the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, the importance of the Incarnation, and how God’s instruction to “go and rebuild my church” can impact your life. 

Receive daily emails that include:

  •  Exclusive videos from Father Murray filled with peace, joy, and harmony flowing from the teachings of St. Francis
  • Supplemental articles from Franciscan Media aimed at uplifting and encouraging you on your faith journey
  • Reflection questions based upon Father Murray’s daily video

You are invited to join the first Surrounded by Love retreat beginning Monday, April 15, 2024.  

The Franciscan Media community believes that finances should not be a barrier to participation. Thanks to our generous Franciscan Media community, resources are available to subsidize participants who are unable to financially contribute at this time. To request assistance or donate, please email Christopher Meyer at

Statue of Saint Francis

The Franciscan Way 

He used to praise God the Artist in every one of God’s works. Whatever joy he found in things made he referred to their maker. He rejoiced in all the works of God’s hands. Everything cried out to him, “He who made us is infinitely good!’ He called animals “brother” or “sister,” and he exhorted them to praise God. He would go through the streets, inviting everyone to sing with him. And one time when he came upon an almond tree, he said, ‘Brother Almond, speak to me of God.” And the almond tree blossomed. Read more… 

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