Who Was St. Anthony of Padua?

Statue of Saint Anthony

A Favorite the World Over…

Obviously Anthony must have been a favorite of missionaries who took this likable saint to the Western Hemisphere and to many other lands around the world. But over the years it seems to have been laypeople who have adopted St. Anthony of Padua as a kind of all-purpose saint—finder of lost articles, helper in troubles, healer of bodies and spirits. Hundreds of thousands have prayed the quaint old responsory: “If miracles thou fain would see, Lo, error, death, calamity…”

We might be tempted to ask, as a friar once asked St. Francis of Assisi, “Why after you? Why after you?” The answer seems to be both the immense popularity of St. Anthony in his lifetime and the flood of wonders that followed his death.

Painting of Saint Anthony and Jesus

Saint of the Day: Anthony of Padua

Anthony should be the patron of those who find their lives completely uprooted and set in a new direction. Like all saints, he is a perfect example of turning one’s life completely over to Christ. God did with Anthony as God pleased—and what God pleased was a life of spiritual power and brilliance that still attracts admiration today. Read Saint of the Day: Anthony of Padua.

Saint Anthony Adores Baby Jesus

Getting to Know St. Anthony

A favorite in much of the Catholic world, St. Anthony of Padua has more cities and places named after him than any other saint—68. This includes forty-four in Latin America, fifteen in the United States, four in Canada, four in the Philippines, and one in Spain. Read Getting to Know St. Anthony.

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Saint Anthony and Baby Jesus

Anthony: Follower of St. Francis

Anthony was a simple and humble friar who preached the Good News lovingly and with fearless courage. The youth whom his fellow friars thought was uneducated became one of the great preachers and theologians of his day. He was a man of great penance and apostolic zeal. But he was primarily a saint of the people. Read Anthony: Follower of St. Francis.

Saint Anthony of Padua and Jesus

Devotion to St. Anthony

St. Anthony is always asked to intercede with God for the return of things lost or stolen. Those who feel very familiar with him may pray, “Tony, Tony, look around. Something’s lost and must be found.” Read Devotion to St. Anthony.

Saint Anthony holding Flowers

Memories of Padua

Each year, as the feast of St. Anthony (June 13) draws near, my memories go back to Padua where I spent several days in 2014. I had the opportunity to stay for a few days in the large friary of the Conventual Franciscan Friars. Read Memories of Padua.

Saint Anthony and Jesus Painting

St. Anthony, God’s Instrument

For many people the most famous thing about St. Anthony of Padua is his reputation as a wonder-worker. He’s brought happiness to many believers, for example, by helping them find their lost wedding rings or car keys. Read St. Anthony, God’s Instrument.

Novena to Saint Anthony and Padua

Novena to St. Anthony

Take Anthony’s words today and let them begin your time of prayer: “We beg you, Lord Jesus, bind us with the love of you and our neighbor so that we can love you deeply with our whole heart, and not be separated from you. Read Our Novena to St. Anthony.

When objects are lost, people turn to St. Anthony. When Anthony was lost, he turned to God. He embraced a life of service, helping to spread the good news.

For Clifford Hennings, OFM, St. Anthony is a favorite. In this video, he explains with the life of this humble Franciscan still charms people around the world.

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