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Paying Attention

What does it mean to be attentive to the Word of God? Psalm 103 refers to the angels as mighty warriors “attentive to the sound of God’s voice.”

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The Accuser

Reflect The name Satan didn’t always mean “the devil.” Originally this word meant something more like “the accuser.” In Job 1—2, he is a kind

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Mercy and Mourning

Reflect “They shall look on him whom they have pierced, and mourn as if for an only son.” When we read these words from Zechariah

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The Law and Love

Reading the laws in Leviticus, Numbers, or Deuteronomy, we may feel a little frightened; if the sheer number doesn’t overwhelm us, the strangeness and seeming brutality often does.

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A Change of View

Reflect People often speak of needing a change of scenery, a chance to see the world with fresh eyes. In 1 Kings 13, there is

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Blindness and the World

Reflect One of the recurrent messages the Gospels is the blindness of the world, perhaps even the unwillingness of the worldly to open their eyes

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