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sunburst over the horizon

Everyday Miracles

Reflect Have you ever stopped to ask yourself: What miracle have I already experienced today? Where has God revealed his grace and love in my

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Person staring at the sunset

Listen to the Silence

In Psalm 19, the Psalmist tells us that all of nature proclaims God’s glory; that even though not a sound may be heard, even the silence, even the darkness of night, declares God’s glory. Do you hear it in the quiet?

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Multigenerational family smiling

The Blessing of Community

We live in a world that emphasizes independence, that encourages each of us to go our own way, to find our own path. And yet from the very beginning all of creation seems to tell us: It is not good to be alone.

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Sun setting over the water by the mountains

Reflecting God’s Perfect Love

Jesus exhorts us to love our enemies and even to bless those who curse us. See God in every person you meet this day. Offer them a kind word or a glad smile. Let them know that they have been seen.

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Amber colored lit candles

Lighting Your Lamp

What does it mean in the Gospel of Matthew parable that the wise virgins can’t share their oil? Is Jesus telling us that there are some things in life that no one can do for us?

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