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The Value of Silliness

A woman being silly while wearing sunglasses


We don’t often think of Jesus as making jokes, and yet when we hear him tell the disciples that they are worth more than many sparrows, it is easy to picture him with an ironic grin. Because basically he’s making a kind of joke. Sparrows were sold two for a penny in those days. Therefore he just told his disciples that surely they are worth at least a nickel! One wonders if any of the apostles laughed. The real lesson here may have nothing to do with sparrows; it could be something about the sacredness of silliness. 


St. Francis, please intercede for me today.
Pray that I will be blessed with a light heart

and a joyful spirit.
Let me be open to the gift of life and love and laughter,

and let me be a source of joy (and even silliness)
for those around me.


Make someone laugh today. Learn a new joke  and share it with a friend, a family member, or a coworker. Maybe even the cashier at the grocery store. Even if they don’t laugh, you will have given them a gift they won’t soon forget.

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