Pause + Pray

Finding Joy in the Journey

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In a world often overshadowed by uncertainty and turmoil, the spirit of Franciscan optimism offers a beacon of hope—a reminder that even in the midst of life’s challenges, there is reason to rejoice and find joy in the journey. At the heart of Franciscan optimism lies a profound trust in the goodness of God and the inherent dignity of all creation. Franciscan optimism is rooted in a profound sense of interconnectedness—a recognition that we are all part of God’s wondrous creation, bound together by love and solidarity. It’s a belief that no matter how daunting the challenges we face, we are never alone, for God walks with us every step of the way.


God of the journey,
You invite us to cultivate an attitude of resilience and perseverance—
to approach life’s trials with courage and grace, 
knowing that even the darkest night gives way to the dawn of a new day. 
Help us answer the call to be beacons of hope and sources of inspiration for others—
to share our joy, extend kindness to those in need,
and bear witness to the transformative power of faith and love. 
Help us to be like St. Francis himself and be instruments of peace
and heralds of your enduring goodness in a world in need of hope and healing.


Consider how you can share your optimism with others, bringing light and hope to those around you through acts of kindness, compassion, and love.

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