August 6, 2021

N.Y. priests urged not to give religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccines

As some Catholics are seeking a religious exemption to the coronavirus vaccine mandates that are becoming more common in workplaces and even some public venues, priests in the Archdiocese of New York have been advised not to get involved in ...
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The Day My Daughter Left the Church

For too many, the Church is not doing enough to assure our LGBTQ brothers and sisters that they are very much a part of our Catholic community, and that we fully believe they are beautiful and perfectly created children of ...
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Grieving Under Empty Skies

Grief cannot be outrun. Let today's prayer both honor your mourning and remind you of the joy in God’s heart.
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Roamin’ Catholic: Always a Pilgrim

Wandering the streets of Rome, the Franciscan spirit is alive. It breathes. We pilgrims inhale deeply.
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