Pause + Pray

Grieving Under Empty Skies


Grief cannot be outrun. Let this prayer both honor your mourning and remind you of the joy in God’s heart. 


God, I am bent by the weight of this grief
the loss of my loved one. 
I carry it everywhere I go, day and night.  
But when I remember those moments of delight, 
recalling when we laughed together,
the burden of their loss is not as heavy,
though my still heart beats alone without them here.
And so as I am lighter, able to look up into the still-empty sky,
I pray for them, knowing they have flown toward joy:
now held within the freedom and beauty 
of your loving Sacred Heart. 


Find an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and as you think of your lost loved one, imagine connecting the light from Jesus’ heart to yours. Allow yourself to experience the full range of your emotions.

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