December 3, 2020

Painting of Saint Francis Xavier

Saint Francis Xavier

Saint Francis Xavier was won over to Christ by the gentle persuasion of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. He then joined the Jesuits and soon after set off for the East, where he labored the rest of his life. Xavier was on his way to China when he died in 1552.

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El Salvador church hails U.S. Catholic women as models of solidarity

In one of the regions of El Salvador most battered in a bloody war funded by American dollars, four Catholic women from the U.S. were hailed as examples of solidarity, of Christian faith and martyrdom, as Salvadorans remembered them Dec. 2, the 40th anniversary of their assassination.

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Marriage Moment: The Peanut Butter War

When Mark and I first got married, we went through all the required Pre-Cana classes and even decided to go for the full Engaged Encounter weekend as opposed to the abbreviated one-day class. Come our wedding day, we thought we were set. Finances? Check. Number of children desired? Check. Extended family? Thoroughly discussed.

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Rebuild My Church

“You have to go to Mass to hear Father Ben’s homily.” That was the message I got in text after text on a Saturday night a few months ago. Just days before, I had shared on my Facebook page the column I wrote about my struggle with the latest wave in the ongoing sex-abuse crisis.

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Plan G—for God

She was working as a laundress so that she could become a missionary sister. A fall into a boiling vat derailed that plan for Anna Schäffer (1882–1925).

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