man walking on a beach surrounded by waves

A Trust Walk with Jesus

We all know the story of Jesus and Peter walking on water. How does this Scripture passage illuminate for you the moments in which Jesus has walked on water with you?
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young man, frustrated and angry

I Am Sorry for My Grumbling

The Israelites grumbled against the Lord in the desert, even after freeing them from the Egyptians and bringing them safely through the Red Sea. It’s easy to criticize their behavior, but don’t we grumble against the Lord too?
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man looking into fog

Accept Uncertainty

Many of the things that affect us are out of our control. Today, let’s pray for radical acceptance to live in the grace of God, unattached to specific outcomes.
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man jumping from airplane

When Nothing Makes Sense

Reflect On his road to Calvary, Jesus of Nazareth modeled trust and obedience as he suffered. Sometimes in life nothing makes sense. The trapdoor opens and we find ourselves free-falling into darkness. Maybe we feel hopeless or helpless, but trust ...
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path through lavender field

Trust in the Journey

Reflect Sometimes on the path we’re walking upon it is easy to become haunted by regret, comparisons, or dreams yet to be attained. The contemplative must rise above lingering either-or judgments of oneself and trust in the non-dualistic path that ...
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woman looking at paper map

A Matter of Trust

Reflect If you look at the life of Jesus in the Gospels, you’ll find miracles, teachings, prayers, and a map for how to live. How many times does Jesus say something along the lines of, “Go your faith has made ...
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