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Work for Change

We may ask ourselves why more people aren't doing something. But looking at change in terms of what we think other people should be doing is likely only to frustrate us even more.
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Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life

Philippians 4:8 counsels us to think about things that are commendable, excellent, and worthy. The quality of our thoughts can bring joy or sorrow to our lives.
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A Change of View

Reflect People often speak of needing a change of scenery, a chance to see the world with fresh eyes. In 1 Kings 13, there is a strange story about a “man of God” who is sent on a mission but ...
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Changing Me

Reflect Meditate today on this sentence, “God, don’t change my circumstances, change me”.  Pray God, instead of asking youto change the outer world,today I simply request:guide me within, to the perfect interiorof my heart where you live. When I find you, it ...
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Embrace Change

Reflect It is said that the only constant in life is change. Sometimes that change can be easy and exciting. Other times it can be difficult and painful. Either way, we can always lean on God to help us through. ...
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