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Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life

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Philippians 4:8 counsels us to think about things that are commendable, excellent, and worthy. The quality of our thoughts can bring joy or sorrow to our lives. Writing from prison, the apostle Paul recognizes that he can be dominated by either regret and negativity or by joy and gratitude. Paul chooses the latter. Regardless of the circumstances, we have the freedom, as Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl asserts, to choose our attitude toward the events in our lives. Let us—in this time of conflict, incivility, and global uncertainty—choose hope and follow our highest values, and we will contribute to the healing of the world.


Creative and loving God,
Awaken us to the wonders of life.
In the midst of chaos and uncertainty,
Help us choose hope and love,
So that we may become beacons of hope
to the world around us.


Today, be aware of your thoughts and your responses to those around you. Without shame or judgment, reflect: Do my thoughts and responses contribute to justice and beauty? Do they aim at healing and wholeness? In what ways can I embody my highest self in my relationships with others? And then, try doing it!

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