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To the Loud, the Soft-Spoken, the Quiet, and the Restless

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There is diversity in the experience of womanhood. There is stillness and restlessness. There is joy amid grief. There is sacrifice, and there is life. The stories of the holy women who came before, the stories of the holy women among us now, and the stories of the holy women to come are beacons of God’s holiness, of God’s spirit among us. From Mary, the mother of Christ, to women like Dorothy Day, our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and so many others, Christ’s spirit lives in the embodiment of womanhood.


God of stillness,
God of restlessness,
God of holiness,
May we encounter your spirit
and your breath in the women among us today.
May we see the holiness of the life that comes from womanhood
as a manifestation of the life you welcome us into.
May the examples of the holy women before us, with us, and after us
draw us closer to your ever present, ever still, ever restless heart.


Take time today to learn about the women in your family, to listen to the stories of our elders, our mothers, and our sisters. Sit with the stories of holy women who lived before you, whether they are saints, family members, or our Blessed Mother. Encounter the joy and the sacrifice of womanhood, and praise God for the stories of these women among you. May we come together to empower their stories, respect their lives, celebrate their joys, and honor their journeys.

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1 thought on “To the Loud, the Soft-Spoken, the Quiet, and the Restless”

  1. Lord Jesus Christ, your death brought life for us. Fill us with your Holy Spirit that we may walk in freedom and joy in the knowledge of your great victory over sin and death. Amen.

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