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Befriending the Wolf

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Francis of Assisi befriended a wolf that had threatened the townsfolk of Gubbio. He challenged the townsfolk to befriend the wolf, who responded to their friendship by being their friend and protector for the remainder of his life. Being an instrument of peace can transform enemies into friends and partners. Where do you need to spread God’s peace?


Make me an instrument of your peace,
Befriending outsiders,
Promoting reconciliation, 
And working to create a peaceful world.


Today, look for places where you can be an agent of reconciliation. What acts can you take to bridge the gulf between persons with whom you experience discomfort or promote reconciliation among persons alienated from one another? It is important to remember that reconciliation requires a sense of safety and security for the parties involved. The most conciliatory act may simply be prayers for those whom we cannot encounter directly due to past trauma or present feelings of concern.

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