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Savings and Trust

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“Most of us plan for the future by investing in a savings account. Jesus also spoke of the importance of storing up treasures—treasures in heaven. That’s something we can all do through simple words of trust—prayers of confidence in God’s ever-present love. Whenever we trust in his plan for today and tomorrow, we are building up a savings account for those days ahead that may present real challenges and difficult problems. We build up that account by trusting God in small things.”—from Three Minutes with God, by Msgr. Frank Bognanno


God of limitless love,
We’re often so fixated on the bottom line,
Obsessed with increasing our wealth,
That we lose sight of what’s truly important—
Loving you and loving each other.
Guide us to a place of trust in your plan
For this day,
For tomorrow,
For all time.


Is there something you are holding on to that is actually holding you back? It could be a physical object that could be discarded or donated. Or it might be an unhealthy pattern of thinking that needs to be unlearned. Sometimes removing an obstacle is the only way to see the right path forward.

Three Minutes with God

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