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Spiritual Warfare with St. Anthony the Abbot

view from below of giant trees


St. Anthony the Abbot lived in the desert in Egypt during the early days of the Church and led a very faithful life. The enemy fears those close to God, so Anthony found himself in the midst of spiritual battle—of mind, of body, and of spirit. Through the bouts with the enemy, he kept the eyes of the soul on God and persevered with him.


Legend says that St. Anthony the Abbott
was discovered in the desert by two Greek philosophers.
They wanted to learn his ways, but Anthony told them that
teachings never go as far as faith.
Help us to treat each day as if it is a new beginning.
Give us the courage and faith to face our giants
with you.


What challenges (or “giants”) feel impossible in your life right now? Imagine them in your hands, give them to Jesus, and ask for courage and faith from him.

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1 thought on “Spiritual Warfare with St. Anthony the Abbot”

  1. My “giants” are osteopenia and scoliosis—both recently diagnosed. I would like to listen to God for directions.

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