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Righteous Anger

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When I was young, I remember first hearing the story of Jesus at the Temple, confronting salespeople about turning his Father’s house into a den of thieves. I remember thinking, Wow, Jesus was angry! He wasn’t just annoyed, but white-hot angry. The lesson here may be that we are occasionally called to express some righteous anger. Are we to sit quietly in the face of escalating violence, harsh treatment of those who are different, destruction of our planet? I don’t think so. Jesus’ example would suggest that we need to make room in our spiritual world for righteous anger.


Grant me discernment to recognize
when my anger is not merely self-serving
but rather a response informed by righteousness
and the desire to see your word more prevalent.


Think of an issue about which you have strong feelings. Spend a few moments in prayer seeking discernment about righteousness and guidance about action. You might decide to participate in a protest or to donate money to a certain cause. Whatever path you choose, may you find the strength to not remain silent about injustices.

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1 thought on “Righteous Anger”

  1. Arlene B. Muller

    One of the best ways to fight the evil of abortion and demonstrate compassion toward women in crisis pregnancies to help them to choose life is to donate money & to donate clothing to wonderful Catholic pro-life organizations who help women in crisis pregnancies.
    Good Counsel Homes is one of my favorite charities & they HOUSE women in crisis pregnancies & their children in a group home that provides food, clothing, shelter, educational opportunities/job training, medical care, counseling, spiritual guidance & child caring that continues for as long as needed beyond pregnancy, labor & delivery until the mother & child(ren) can live on their own & also provide follow ups & birthday parties.
    Another wonderful organization is The Bridge to Life in College Point (Queens), NYC that is not residential & does not provide medical care but is a place where women in crisis pregnancies can receive counseling & can receive plenty of material items in excellent condition: regular ladies’ clothing, maternity clothes, baby, toddler & children’s clothes, lattes, diapers, bedding, etc.

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