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Be Still

We want to experience the nearness of God, but we lack the ability to be still.
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The Blessing of Time

Time can be an adversary or an ally. But what’s comforting is that it always moves forward.
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Carrying Sunshine

Jesus, who cast out demons, remove dark clouds from this dwelling place. Open it to birdsong and flower fragrance.
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Facing the Ordinary

We sometimes feel a lack of spirit in the overwhelming necessity of everyday tasks. Consider inviting God into your repetitive duties.
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Loved into Existence

Poet John O’Donahue once wrote, “I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.” May this prayer heighten your awareness of the divine flow of your life and your ongoing dance with
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Sunrise in the New Year

Given the year we’ve left behind, 2021 seems like a breath of fresh air. Let us welcome the new year with our eyes affixed on the horizon.
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God Knows What He Is Doing with You

Sometimes when we personally experience God active and moving in our life, he calls us to things we may not understand or feel a little uncertain about.
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