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Spiritual Decluttering

Reflect Many of us have too many possessions and too full a schedule. We need to eliminate unnecessary cumber, so that we are not possessed by our possessions. We need to prune our schedules so we have more time for …

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To Restore the Relationship, Let the Grievance Go

Forgiveness isn’t just about letting our grievances go. Forgiveness is the path to restoring the love that binds us to God and to one another.

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Who Don’t You Love?

Who do you struggle to love? Whether its an individual or a group, remember that God is in them too, and they are inherently worthy of our love and kindness.

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The Blessing of Time

Time can be an adversary or an ally. But what’s comforting is that it always moves forward.

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Carrying Sunshine

Jesus, who cast out demons, remove dark clouds from this dwelling place. Open it to birdsong and flower fragrance.

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Facing the Ordinary

We sometimes feel a lack of spirit in the overwhelming necessity of everyday tasks. Consider inviting God into your repetitive duties.

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Reliance on God

The solace that William Seton’s Catholic business partners provided to his young widow resulted in a conversion moment for the first U.S.-born saint.

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