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Spiritual Decluttering

Reflect Many of us have too many possessions and too full a schedule. We need to eliminate unnecessary cumber, so that we are not possessed by our possessions. We need to prune our schedules so we have more time for …

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Our Path as It Is

Sometimes on the path we’re walking upon, it is easy to become haunted by regret, comparisons, or dreams yet to be attained. The contemplative must rise above lingering either/or judgments of oneself and trust in the non-dualistic path that has uniquely chosen them to walk upon it.

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Peace of Mind

Many people face the daily challenge of facing struggles with depression and anxiety. Because these battles are hidden from others to see, they can be a very lonely fight.

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Honoring the Divine Breath of Creation

God’s love for us cannot be separated from God’s love for creation. Let us honor the Divine breath that connects all living things through our actions as well as our words as we pray.

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Your Life Is Never God’s Plan B

Friend, your life is never God’s plan B. His will for your life is not second-best. The dreams God put on your heart are not leftovers or afterthoughts.

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Grace-Filled Redirection

Daniel Comboni’s (1831–1881) first missionary trip to Africa ended in failure. He returned home to Italy and came up with what was a novel idea then: involve African Christians directly in the evangelization of their sisters and brothers.

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‘This Is My Beloved Son…’

Regardless of the details, the habit of keeping a gratitude journal makes us more alert and sensitive. The more we seek things and people to record, the more grateful we become.

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