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Just Like Us

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We often try to stuff or deny our own loneliness or pain. But if we befriend it, we see we’re not the only ones who suffer. A web of compassion connects us with others who are human, wounded, limited. As John Lewis said, “we all live in the same house.” 


In meditation,
imagine our threatened,
blue-green planet and its people,
with their hungers, wars, joys.
Then see this globe wrapped
in the gold of compassion,
brought by you and millions of others like you.
From horizon to horizon, it shimmers.
Humanity heals. 


Next time you meet someone with opinions radically different from your own, don’t simply dismiss them. Demonstrate an interest in how they arrived at their convictions. You may not change, but you may learn. It’s more fruitful than trying to change each other’s minds!

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