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Getting Quiet

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Actor Shia LaBeouf sat down with Bishop Robert Barron for an interview about his recent conversion to Catholicism as well as his role in the upcoming film Padre Pio. They reflected quite a bit on the life of Padre Pio and the impact he’s had on thousands of faithful. LaBeouf really connected with the Capuchin priest over his receiving of the stigmata, and the pushback he dealt with. LeBeouf stated: “When the world decided [Padre Pio] belonged in exile, he got quiet. He didn’t rebel. He did the St. Francis thing, and he got quiet.”


Thank you for the lives of the saints,
whose witness go far and wide,
and stand the test of time.
When I feel put in my place,
when I feel alone,
when I feel misunderstood,
help me to get quiet.
Aid me in discernment.


What are you discerning right now? Journal your wants, desires, needs, and dreams as a prayer to Jesus today. As you let your heart pour onto the page, what do you sense and hear from Jesus?

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