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Just One Look

young woman laughing


Just one look at a good friend in a funny situation can send you into full laughter. Just one look at the mountains, plains, flowers, and sky can stop you in your tracks. Just one look at a positive pregnancy test can send parents into joyful tears. With just one look, everything changes.


You are that one look at a friend, at nature, of parents.
You are the most beautiful,
and yet you see me that way.
You are always revealing yourself.
With just one look,
we see mercy, love, joy, peace, forgiveness.
With just one look,
you see beauty, growth, wonder, mission, love, cries, thirst, need.
With just one look,
everything changes.


God gazes at us with a deep love that we can’t even begin to fathom. What does God see in you? What do you see in God in the tabernacle?

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