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Choosing a Better Way

Reflect “C.S. Lewis, one of the great Christian scholars and writers of the 20th century, wrote that the goal of the Christian is simple: to proclaim the reality of God’s kingdom of love and joy. He said that the power …

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It’s Not About the Title

The community so admired Benedict the African (1526–1589), their cook, that they named him as superior although he was not a priest. Benedict served a single term, then went back to the kitchen because he believed his gifts were better used through cooking and one-on-one ministry.

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Our Path on the Edge

What would it look like to consider resting in your inherent union with the divine in the unknown, in the proverbial desert, and in the tension?

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The Gift of Friendship

A friend can often be a reflection of God’s love for each of us. For that we are truly blessed.

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‘That They All May Be One’

Let’s pray today for unity among world religions, that we can grow in love, mercy, and eternal truth together.

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Yesterday’s Footsteps

There are times we are pulled toward thoughts of the past and replaying regretful events over and over in our minds. May this prayer help you let go into today.

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My Gratitude Booklet

The good news from science is that gratitude can lead to chemical bodily responses that bring health benefits and longer life spans.

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