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Divine Thumbprints All Around

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St. Bonaventure believed that there were “vestiges,” or, divine thumbprints, throughout the created order. God created the universe, and therefore the world in which we lived was sacred. God became a human through the incarnation and therefore our very humanity was sacred. One might say that allowing ourselves to intimately experience these vestiges connects us back to the sacred nature of our world and existence. It connects us back to wonder and mystery—to the love and goodness that rises up from the core of reality to be experienced.


Open my eyes, tune my ears
to beauty rising all around through color and sound,
in smiles, in stories, in silence.
Make beauty my philosophy
as the Word in the world rises in my reality to be read,
even in changing a diaper, or frying an egg,
or savoring that first sip of coffee or whiskey.
Might every detail of creation, every moment revealed,
be a conduit for beauty,
a vestige of your love?


Whenever you shift into autopilot today, perhaps while doing something menial or performing a routine task, stop for a second and consider the magic of the moment. Name something beautiful that can be experienced now, in the present.

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