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Miraculous Healings

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Sometimes we might feel like the hurt man in Matthew 12:9-14, but miracles await us. Think about the big and small ways you have received the miracle of healing in your life, how your relationships with God, friends, co-workers, or family have been repaired.


Yes, there have been times we’ve been hurt, and our spirit seemed like a withered hand
unable to open itself anymore and reach out to the world.
But it is your will that we receive healing,
to move beyond the damage caused by clasping tight
to our bitterness and resentment.
We know that you, Jesus, will help our spirits unfurl again, to live in this world
as you told us we could: stretching out our hearts, stretching out our hands.


Today, consider reaching out more deeply to someone in your life. A coworker, a neighbor, a stranger, a casual friend. See if you can reach out with a little more love or compassion than usual.

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