December 23, 2022

The Silent Night Chapel, which is in the town of Oberndorf in the Austrian state of Salzburg, is a monument to the Christmas carol "Silent Night." The chapel stands on the site of the former St. Nikola Church, where on Christmas Eve in 1818 the carol was performed for the first time. (CNS photo/courtesy

Chapel memorializing ‘Silent Night’ continues to draw tourists

The Christmas song “Stille Nacht” (“Silent Night”) may have put the town of Oberndorf, Austria, on the map, but it’s the chapel memorializing the beloved carol that is the town’s main attraction.

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Two people on a park bench

Miraculous Healings

Reflect Sometimes we might feel like the hurt man in Matthew 12:9-14, but miracles await us. Think about the big and small ways you have received the miracle of healing in your life, how your relationships with God, friends, co-workers, …

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Mary and Jesus

Filled with God’s Grace

Mary knew who she was to the very depth of her being. She said yes to God and because of that, the world was turned upside down, or perhaps was finally righted. Mary’s is her testimony to the way God intended the world to be from the beginning. Because she said yes, a new creation would be revealed to the world. This woman at the heart of the Advent season is a remarkable role model for us. We might not realize it, but we, too, are filled with God’s grace, even if that grace is clouded and obscured by sin.

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