Pause + Pray

Indwelling Stillness


We’re frequently in a rushon our way back from somewhere only to be racing off to another destination. It’s tiring and ultimately unsustainable. Psalm 46:10 offers us some of the most familiar yet beautiful words as a salve: “Be still and know that I am God!”


Stillness, how do I find you?
I long to reach you, but first I must take my foot off the gas pedal.
Stop rushing.
Listen more closely to others.
Stop interrupting.
Be in the moment while chopping an onion,
dragging the recycling bin to the curb (and back).
I won’t discover the treasure within by hurrying away from it.
Yes, slowing down during my day.
Can I remember to pull back from all the striving?
Will you be there?


Sometimes just noticing when you are rushing is enough to find more peace and stillness. Notice today, and remember for the next time life comes rushing through again.

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