Pause + Pray

Facing a Spiritual Fork in the Road


Life is a journey we cannot predict or control. Sometimes there will be valleys and other times mountain highs. It will be full of joy, sorrow, discernment, and many different experiences. Sometimes life offers us unique situationsa spiritual fork in the road where a decision needs to be made. One choice leads to a certain path. Another choice leads in another direction. But how do you know where God is calling you?


Dear Jesus,
help me make
all my life decisions
with you.
Lead me
in ardent clarity,
divine wisdom,
and unshakeable peace.
Teach me
to trust myself
and your voice
speaking to me
and in my life.
Help me
to have open hands
and not clenched fists
with you in my life.


Are there decisions that need to be made in your life? What did Jesus have to say to you about them when you asked him?

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