Pause + Pray

Good Grief


Sadness, sorrow, tears, loss: Not a nice shopping list of experiences and emotions. For some of us they make all too frequent appearances. Some cling to them. Some stuff them in a dark crevice of the heart. Jesus wept. We take our turn.


you comforted your Apostles.
I need your comfort now.

They were sad
for their inadequacies
and betrayals.
So am I.

You chose them.
They did not always choose you.
Nor do I.

I regret dark hours
of my past.
I mourn the losses
I have known.

Be with me
when sorrow takes hold.

Stay with me
when the light dims.

I need your strength.
I need you.


Speak to someone you love of a loss or an experience that burdens you. Such events are never erased, but others can lift you by listening.

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