Pause + Pray

Connecting to the Light


Today, think of how the light returning in your life each day is a miracle to behold. It might be the physical light of the sun or the light of a friend’s smile. Perhaps it’s even that hard-to-detect light that we shine forth on others and the world around us.


God, help me remember, right now
how the sun is part of your shining power.
Help me see how I, too, am like the sun, rising another day.
Let me begin today really connecting to the light—
not just going through the motions
but in understanding that my life here is precious.
I celebrate the wonder of the movement of the sun filling the sky,
and the light of your love flooding my heart.


Make a little movement that you would typically save for a celebration—dancing, applauding, waving hello to a friend on the horizon. See how you can bring more joy to your day early—why wait?

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