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Are We There Yet?


When you were a child, you might have been on a long trip with your family somewhere and asked the dreaded question “Are we there yet?” Or at least you thought it. And though we may not behave in that exact way today, many of us are still impatient to get from Point A to Point B in our lives, which can lead to us missing some pretty amazing and beautiful moments along the way.


God, you exist outside of the concept of time
as I understand it.
I feel like I’m always rushing: to get work done during the day,
to get dinner prepared later, to get to bed early enough
so that I can start all over again.
Help me to slow down or even stop
and see what is around me
the beauty that you created,
the peace that comes with an intentional breath.
May I meet the moment of the present with an open heart
and find you there.


Take a break from work or chores today at a time you wouldn’t normally. What about your intentional interruption was unique and memorable? If it was something especially impactful, jot it down in a journal for posterity.

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