A cup of tea and a blanket
Minute Meditations

Our Love for Our Children

Jun 20, 2021 Minute Meditations
We care for our children even though they may break our heart—and in each breaking, our heart grows larger and more capable of care. Our love creates and preserves the best in them and the best in us.

What We Love Moves Our Lives

Jun 19, 2021 Minute Meditations
We experience a great love for the world. What we love is what moves our heart, and what moves our heart is what moves our lives.

For Love of the Poor

Jun 18, 2021 Minute Meditations
Being present to the poor through friendship, solidarity, and service isn’t just a helpful set of moral principles; it’s a virtuous circle.

The Spiritual Virtue of Humility

Jun 17, 2021 Minute Meditations
Humility is the hallmark spiritual virtue of letting go.

Cleaning the Lens

Jun 16, 2021 Minute Meditations
We see through a glass dimly. An important part of spiritual practice, then, is “cleaning the lens”.

Why Do We Need to Let Go?

Jun 15, 2021 Minute Meditations
Why does letting go seem to be such a necessary element in the equation of transformational spirituality?

A Wider World of Belonging

Jun 14, 2021 Minute Meditations
In the end, the greatest pleasure isn’t having all our ego-needs met, but instead being drawn out of our ego into a wider world of belonging.

St. Anthony, Pray for Us!

Jun 13, 2021 Minute Meditations
Alhough St. Anthony was called the “Hammer of Heretics,” the word warmth describes him more fully.

Jesus Shows Us the Way

Jun 12, 2021 Minute Meditations
In a world where people “look for love in all the wrong places”— settling for second-rate substitutes—Jesus shows us a way.