A cup of tea and a blanket
Minute Meditations

Befriending the Great Paradox

Jun 26, 2022 Minute Meditations
The language of paradox is written all over creation. It is there for us to read and discern

Empowering Companions

Jun 25, 2022 Minute Meditations
Jesus, therefore, may be viewed as the primordial disciple of this new empowering dispensation, with all humans called to be co-disciples—not for but with Jesus. As co-disciples we are called to be friends and not mere servants.

Working Out Life’s Meaning

Jun 24, 2022 Minute Meditations
When we give our lives for the sake of empowerment of the other, we embrace the paradox that is central to every paschal journey.

The Heart of God Beats for You

Jun 23, 2022 Minute Meditations
Every beat of every heart is made possible through a God who is love.

Engaging the Power of Paradox

Jun 22, 2022 Minute Meditations
Birth and death are not merely human experiences; they characterize the whole of God’s creation.

A Lifetime of Dying and Rising

Jun 21, 2022 Minute Meditations
The Christian notion of dying and rising again, or, more accurately, being knocked down only to be raised up again, is a recurring theme throughout the story of my life.

When Your Prayer Time Is Over

Jun 20, 2022 Minute Meditations
When your prayer time here is over and you go on your way, how do you experience your own strengths and weaknesses? What opportunities are there to work with others to improve society’s attitudes toward people who can’t speak up for themselves?

We Bear Witness with Our Lives

Jun 19, 2022 Minute Meditations
It is our privilege and responsibility to make choices that nurture and bear witness to our love of God demonstrated by mutual charity.

Essential Sustenance

Jun 18, 2022 Minute Meditations
When we are so busy taking care of people and issues right in front of us, how do we remember to make time to enrich our personal relationship with God?