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Holding On to Christmas

This Christmas, I hope you are feeling the deep joy of Jesus’ presence, in spite of so many recent challenges. I also pray that you allow that joy to stay with you for many days!

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‘Tis the Season of Hope

One wonderful gift that God gives us is the virtue of hope. Will the acceptance of this gift be different this year because of recent and ongoing tragedies?

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Franciscan Inspirations: The Theology of a Poet

I don’t read a lot of poetry, but I do have a favorite author and one who is deeply appreciated by many: Emily Dickinson. Only a few dozen of her poems were published in her lifetime. When she died, her family found hundreds more hidden all over her room and throughout the house.

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Franciscan Inspirations: Hiding from God

We humans know the temptation of following our own plans, even when they are contrary to God’s. We know better and have to try our way. If it creates a mess, shame can prompt us to try to hide our sin from God.

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