October 20, 2022

Engraving of Saint Paul of the Cross

Saint Paul of the Cross

Saint Paul of the Cross dedicated his life to the memory of Christ’s passion and death. Known as the Passionists, the Congregation of the Passion that he founded is committed to preaching the good news of Christ crucified, and to
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Study of priests shows distrust of bishops, fear of false abuse accusations

A study of U.S. priests released Oct. 19 details clerics' "crisis of trust" toward their bishops as well as fear that if they were falsely accused of abuse, prelates would immediately throw them "under the bus" and not help them
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Image and graphic of Friar Peter Tremblay

Followers of St. Francis: Peter Tremblay, OFM Conv

Friar Peter Tremblay, OFM Conv, knows firsthand how impactful woodworking can be on one’s faith.
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My Favorite Saint

My walk with this saint has reaffirmed that my imperfect initial attempts at faith and virtue will be rewarded over time if I “keep coming back.”
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The Full and Final Word

The final and full word, therefore, is that the authority of the Bible lies not just in ancient texts but in the living Christ of history: church, community, and our own experience confirming its truth.
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