April 13, 2022

Sunday Soundbite for April 17, 2022

In his essay, J.R.R. Tolkien pays tribute to the power of the Christian proclamation. He notes that there is no other story which so many skeptics “have accepted as true on its own merits.” Our Easter Gospel is a story of living faith in which we are participants, and to which we are now witnesses.

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We Will See Him’: An Easter Message

These bittersweet times are an opportunity for all of us, changed by the Risen Lord into joyful disciples, to touch the wounds of our weary world with hope, love, and faith in the power of the Resurrection.

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Pope Francis: ‘Forces of evil’ are at work in war on Ukraine

In Russia’s war on Ukraine, “the forces of evil” are clearly at work, leading to “abominable” attacks on innocent people and widescale destruction of their homes, Pope Francis said.

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Faith and Family for April 17: Easter Sunday

This week, we celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Christ.

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God Loves Us in Our Bodies

Even as we wrestle with the realities of living in a human body—illness, aging, disability, declining health—we also have the opportunity to embrace our bodies as a means of experiencing God in the material world.

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