Sharing the Word for April 13, 2022

Wednesday of Holy Week

April 13, 2022
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Matthew 26:14-25

Today is called “Spy” Wednesday. The Gospel reading gives us the details of the treachery of Judas, working quietly to betray Jesus.

Meanwhile, Jesus is quietly seeing to the Passover dinner. He knows that his time of suffering is approaching. He will be handed over to his enemies by one of his own. There’s no attempt to escape or resist. Jesus is ready to suffer what he must in order to bring his mission to fulfillment.

We experience suffering, too. Sometimes it’s physical–sometimes emotional. Sometimes it’s self-inflicted. We don’t know why there has to be suffering in our lives, but we know that God is powerful enough to bring blessing from our suffering, even as God brought salvation through the suffering of Jesus.

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